Terrier Breeds

Please click on each breed name and it will direct you to the NZKC Breed Standard for more detailed information on the Breed

                     Airedale Terrier                                                                                      American Staffordshire Terrier


                     Australian Terrier                                                                                               Bedlington Terrier


                        Border Terrier                                                                                                           Bull Terrier


               Bull Terrier (Miniature)                                                                                                    Cairn Terrier


                        Cesky Terrier                                                                                                Dandie Dinmont Terrier


                  Fox Terrier (Smooth)                                                                                                Fox Terrier (Wire)


            German Hunting Terrier                                                                                           Glen of Imaal Terrier


                        Irish Terrier                                                                                                      Jack Russell Terrier


                   Kerry Blue Terrier                                                                                                    Lakeland Terrier


                  Manchester Terrier                                                                                                       Norfolk Terrier


                     Norwich Terrier                                                                                                  Parson Russell Terrier


                     Scottish Terrier                                                                                                     Sealyham Terrier


                       Skye Terrier                                                                                              Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier


            Staffordshire Bull Terrier                                                                                              Tenterfield Terrier


                        Welsh Terrier                                                                                          West Highland White Terrier



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